Gilmore Girls Pop-up Dinners

Today, Netflix  placed 250 pop-up versions of Luke’s Dinner around. They recreated the memorable coffee shop, much like the one in Stars Hallow. Coffee was served out of Luke cups and they placed signs outside, the workers dressed in flannel and wore Luke’s Dinner aprons.

For Columbia folks, it was at The Wired Goat Vista, off of Gervais St. downtown. Sadly they didn’t do much in the way of decorating for us. They had a sign out front and they served coffee in Luke cups, the staff even wore aprons, but the inside lacked. It seemed as if they wanted to do it the cheapest way and not try.

“Luke’s Dinner” opened at 5:30 am and served free coffee to the first guests until it ran out. By the time I arrived, around 3-ish, the small and hardly noticeable sign had been taken down and the line was slowly moving.

I was hoping to experience the full Gilmore Girls effect, but sadly the wait in line ended up not even being worth it.

A few of my friends got there early, right after opening and were also disappointed in what they saw. Long waiting for basically nothing to show. I watched lots of people get out of line and leave, by closing there was almost no line.

Even after this tragic turn of events today, I will always be a Gilmore Girl. I hope you all watch it return in November!


Where They Found Her – Book Review

By Alexz Wilson | September 14, 2016 | 7:55 PM

Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight is a nonstop ride of emotions and heartbreaks. The past gets dug up and you never know where the next turn will take you. The person you think is guilty won’t be. A small town in rural New Jersey will get turned on its head in this page turning, truth seeking, roller coaster of a book.

The story is told from the perspective of three individual females who would normally never have any connection or cross paths; Molly, Barbara, Sandy.

Molly Sanderson is a new, young arts reporter for the local paper, who has had a traumatic upbringing and some motherhood failures weighing heavily on her shoulders. Her husband, five-year-old daughter, and herself move to this small sophisticated Ridgedale, New Jersey, town from New York City for a fresh start. But soon her new found stability in this little town will be put to the ultimate test when a newborn is found dead in the woods under a bridge behind the cities own distinguished Ridgedale University. Her concerned husband tries hard to get her off the case. As she digs further into the town and universities history, the truth slowly begins to emerge. This trail she has so helplessly thrown herself down will show decades worth of dark secrets that could effect more than a handful of Ridgedale residents.

Barbara, wife of Ridgedale’s police chief, is a high strung woman who’s unstable son starts to unravel this picture-perfect family she has fought so hard to maintain. Her teenage daughter Hannah has started to act out as well, causing more strain on the already faltering family life.

Sandy is a high school drop out who’s spent most of her life taking care of her wayward mother and herself. One day, near the fall out of the book, her mother vanishes. The only person to see her last is a blonde woman no one can seem to remember anything about it.

Where They Found Her is a book about the catastrophic truth behind the death of the unidentified baby. At the center of all this, these three very different women find their way into one another’s lives. This is a novel about several mother/daughter relationships and shows readers that no matter how much you deny the truth and bury it, it can never truly be gone.



In A Dark, Dark Wood ~ Book Review

In A Dark, Dark Wood, author Ruth Ware takes you through the struggles of past memories and learning how to solve a mystery.

LeoNora Shaw is a young secluded author living in London, her past buried and left behind her, she has made a decent life for herself. She is sheltered away from the outside world as much as humanly possible, until one fateful day. A past friend shows up in her life suddenly after ten years, throwing Nora off track slightly.

After getting invited to a hen party, a reluctant Nora accepts, little did she know what was in store for her. After arriving she slowly realizes how bad of an idea this was. The past resurfaces in ways no one should have to see or hear. Bad people come out of the shadows and bad intentions follow. Someone dies and someone else gets framed, how will it all go down?

In a twisting turn of events we are dragged alongside Nora with every turn of a page. You slowly unravel the mystery and wonder who turned the tables on who. It is a never ending circle and you are on your toes until the very last page.

If you are looking for a great end of the summer read, I recommend In A Dark, Dark Wood. You won’t want to miss it!


10 Reasons Having a Younger Sibling is Helpful

By Alexz Wilson | June 27, 2016 | 11:50 pm

I know, I know. Having a younger sibling can be a huge pain, but we all know there are a few perks to having one. Here are a few I have found from my younger brother, we are nine years and three days apart.

  1. They make you laugh and are the only people to never give up on you, they are always there for you.                                                                      adb32eea5319b77bfb80e97d9290cee81fefa796b2dc8b8ad90bd9ab83f85729_3
  2. They help you get pocket money                                  200_s
  3. You no longer have to do chores alone can-i-get-an-amen.gif
  4. They help keep you active, physically and mentally. SpongeBob-Imagination.gif
  5. You learn to share because nothing is ever fair with them…  f4fbf4a0-0003-0133-452d-0a2ca390b447.gif                                     EVER
  6. They keep you from lying honest-gif.gif
  7. When you’re having a bad day, occasionally they can make you feel better 635928816677654773-153560278_hug
  8. You’ve mastered studying with the most loudest and incessant noise known to human kind.             block-
  9. You learn how to watch what you say Kiss-You.gif
  10. They will always be a mini you in one way or another. (Yes, they LOVE to copy everything)                                                                mk-a.gif

*Bonus: They will always have your back 635839772691564751-365094121_image.gif

Humans Polluting the World

:Alexz Wilson | Sneads Ferry, NC | June 13, 2016 | 9:50 pm

I saddens me how inconsiderate humans are. I walked around the entire beach today and garbage was everywhere. Is it really that hard to pick up your beer bottle and put it back into your boat? NO!

They made a habitat area for the nesting birds that are becoming endangered. On the sign it stated to not walk in or near the area and to keep your trash out of the wildlife preserve. I cannot begin to tell you how much trash was thrown or blown into the roped off area.

It makes me sick and sad that people can’t be bothered to pick up after themselves, therefore causing the surrounding animals to become endangered or harmed. It is also severely destroying the surrounding environment. Small things like that contribute to global warming spikes and melting caps in the arctic.

I was listening to a podcast the other day in the car. They were talking about how bad pollution around different parts of the world was. In some countries the pollution was so bad it started causing a change in the natural light from dawn to dusk, causing a mix-up for nocturnal animals, severely harming them. This problem is called light pollution.

Light pollution is excessive, misdirected or inappropriate outdoor lighting. Too much of light pollution washes out view of the Universe, result in increase in the energy consumption, interferes with astronomical research, disrupts ecosystems, affects the health and safety of humans and wildlife. It may surprise you to know that light pollution can have as great an impact on the planet as levels of carbon monoxide and other airborne pollutants.

The major problem in stopping this is the difficulty to change habits with people and the expenses it takes to redesign and replace what already exists, no matter how destroyed the area is. All we can really do at this point is educate and plan better for our future generations. Attempt to lower the human waste and pollution one small step at a time. Change the type of lighting in our industries, cars, homes, etc. Recycle and reuse more products, lower waste dumping. Attempt to go back from the major industry and factory life we have created for ourselves. Eventually there won’t be a Earth and we may never find another “Earth” like planet to transfer over too. Every species is beginning to slowly go endangered and extinct, global warming and human footprints aren’t helping them.

There are simple steps in beginning to change our ways. Read up on these things and search simple ways you can begin to help.


Why can’t I Succeed??

I climb a mountain only to fall.

I sail the sea only to sink.

I dream so that I may cry myself to sleep.

Why do we do these things only to never succeed?!

I want to fall down and get back up.

Sink and swim back up to the top.

Never let my fears and tears crush my dreams.

Why can’t I just succeed slow and steady?


Cracker Barrel – Restaurant Review

by Alexz Wilson | May 3, 2016 | 11:30 am

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere for dinner because you are sick of eating at home? Well maybe I can persuade you to pick this country festive restaurant. Cracker Barrel has breakfast all day and specials for dinner every weekday.

If you aren’t a fan of pancakes or country ham, try the delicious country vegetable plate. You get the selection of four vegetables and your choice of biscuits or cornbread. Their selection is wide in variety, ranging from sweet baby carrots to fried apples. (Which are my personal favourite) You can get it all for $7.59 and wash it down with their homemade raspberry tea.

Now if you are a meat lover, they have great choices for you too. From steak to country ham, the choice is always up to you. The summer menu features an amazing campfire chicken- or you can select the campfire beef- which includes a half-chicken spiced just right in their personal campfire seasoning, corn on the cob, carrots, red skin potatoes, onions and tomatoes. They place it in foil and cook it all together allowing the savory juices to combine in a mouthwatering extravaganza! This also comes with homemade biscuits or cornbread and pairs well with their freshly brewed sweet tea.

Cracker Barrel is located in Sandhills neighboring Red Robin and The Home Depot. There is not a fairly long wait during the week, but it can get crowded quickly. The service is fairly decent and they always show a clean storefront. After you eat and before you pay, you also have an assortment of candies, toys, clothes, and a multitude of other items to select as you leave. So next time you are starving for some dinner and don’t know what to choose, stop by your local Cracker Barrel. Their warm country home-style will make you feel welcomed from the minute you walk in.  

S.1203 News

Great news! As of yesterday, the S.1203 bill has been dropped. After a week of going back over it and deciding, they dropped the bill completely. Transgender South Carolinian’s you may still use any bathroom of your choice, technically speaking.

South Carolina’s Attempt At Passing S.1203

By: Alexz Wilson | 04/27/16 | 2:35 pm

On Thursday, April 6, South Carolina’s Senate brought forward the S.1203 bill, which prohibits males and females to occupy opposite sex restrooms. The bill is an attempt to replicate the already passed HB2 (House Bill) law in North Carolina. Following the introduction of the bill, a hearing was held on Wednesday, April 13, and a demonstration was held on the Statehouse grounds. The hearing continued into Thursday the following day.

As of today, the bill is still being looked at. No further decisions have been made.

This bill would require men and women use the bathroom associated with their “biological sex,” defined by the bill as the physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate. This bill was put in as an effort to protect citizens’ privacy.  According to Senator Lee Bright, it will be an attempt at trying to stop sexual assaults caused in female restrooms by “men who claim to be women.”

In Horry County, SC, this past week, a senior high school student was suspended for using the male restroom. As a transgender male, he did not feel comfortable using the female restroom.  Similar to the case of Gavin Grimm in Virginia. If the school doesn’t comply within the next week, it could be taken to the Board of Education which enforces Title IX; a federal law of banning sex discrimination in schools.

Only in Neverland

I would love to present you all with this amazing poem one of my good friends, Halin Miklas, wrote:

They always give us hope,

And bind us together like rope,

Only in stories are we ever truly free,

Even when imperfect and full of disharmony,

They make us happy and keep us empowered,

In stories we can be heroes instead of cowards.


That’s where we find our wings,

Where we can take a stand against kings,

Where no one will ever cry,

And where everyone can fly,

We can build an entire nation,

With only our imagination